Pauline Smith

Pauline Smith
Master 2 Cogmaster, phd students
PhD student on OCD and addiction

PhD student at the ICM, Université Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC)

  • Graduate program: ED3C (Cerveau, comportement & cognition)
  • Funding: BioPsy Labex doctoral programme
  • Project: “Obsessions, compulsions and introspection in obsessive compulsive disorder and addiction to cocaine”
  • Supervision: Luc Mallet, Karim N’Diaye & Florence Vorspan

Master 2 (Cogmaster, 2015) project on Compulsivity & Flexibility in OCD and cocaine addiction, supervised by Karim N’Diaye and Florence Vorspan (Csapa, AP-HP/INSERM U1144)