Philippe Domenech

Philippe Domenech
Computational Neuroscience and Psychiatry
Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière (UPMC / INSERM U1127 / CNRS UMR7225) , Batient ICM, 47 bd de l’Hôpital F-75013 Paris

I am assistant professor in psychiatry in the department of functional neurosurgery of Henri Mondor teaching hospital in Paris. I specialize in severe and treatment refractory obsessive compulsive disorder, Parkinson disease and deep brain stimulation.

I study decision-making processes and their contextual regulation. I’m applying model-based and model-free analytic methods to fMRI, EEG and S-EEG data to establish an algorithmic mapping of the Human brain engaged in simple decisions. I’m also using pharmacological manipulations and deep brain stimulation to investigate the neural circuitry underpinning the decision-making process. More recently, I have been trying to extend this approch to executive functions such as exploration/exploitation tradeoff.

Previously, I did a PhD in Cognitive Neurosciences under Jean-Claude Dreher at the Centre de Neuroscience Cognitive (CNRS) in Lyon and obtained a MD in psychiatry from Lyon Est University. Then, I have worked for three years as a post-doc researcher in Etienne Koechlin’s Lab (ENS/INSERM) which is based at the “Ecole Normale Superieure.